Structured Standardized Interview Management System

If you are struggling to find the right employees through a free-form interview process, your teams may benefit from a structured interview management system.

At Quintela, we know how difficult it can be to get your hiring teams on the same page — after all, many of these hiring teams are formed quickly in response to a critical job opening. These teams need to be able to respond efficiently to your hiring requirements, delivering consistent interviews that comply with the law and yield appropriate hiring recommendations.

With the help of Quintela’s standardized interview platform, your teams can execute consistent processes, allowing for a closer comparison between candidates. This leads to more reliable hiring decisions. Let us show you how our tech solution to hiring, a structured interview platform, can improve communication within your organization.

Benefits of using a structured interview management system

How many times has this happened: Your teams spend hours interviewing a slate of candidates, but they have difficulty coming to a consensus hiring decision because they’ve assessed different candidate qualities or have indecipherable hand-written notes and personal impressions that cannot be shared or communicated to the team?

Hiring teams cannot always meet in person, so e-mails are sent back-and-forth, preventing quick communication and decision-making about a candidate. Now, imagine that a standardized interview platform can aggregate all of that data for quick, easy viewing.

This can be your company’s future with the help of the Quintela platform. Our clients are able to employ structured interview techniques that deliver the consistent results required by today’s fast-paced hiring environment. You need confidence in your hiring process — the costs of an ineffective system are simply too great.

With Quintela’s structured interview management system, your organization can avoid the costs of a bad hire. Instead of spending money on retraining or replacing an ineffective new hire, put that money to good use elsewhere in the organization with the help of our hiring, tracking and interviewing system. Let us show you the benefits of this cutting-edge technology — contact us today to learn more!

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