Assessment Technology

Assessments have become a valuable talent management tool throughout the entire employee experience.  Unfortunately, this also creates a significant challenge for talent management professionals who have to jump from one assessment platform to another.  What if you could manage all of your assessments from one platform? 

Our assessment solution is used for both talent acquisition and development purposes. Whether you have a high-volume hiring event or an internal development program, our platform integrates multiple assessment vendors, proprietary assessments, or competencies in a simple dashboard with just the information you need. The result is an efficient assessment process based on your evaluation framework and competency models that helps you screen and select the right talent in a fraction of the time. For programs that focus on talent development for existing employees, the dashboard can be used to lessen burden of test administration, track assessment completion progress, and store several reports in one participant record.


Create test batteries using assessments from multiple vendors. Customize with your own tests or 360s. Build custom competencies and scores. Combine competencies into job profiles. Send participants one link to access all tests.

Tracking Completions

Eliminate spreadsheets and mail merge processes. Check participants progress through a dashboard. Improve participant experience with consistent communication. Access both custom reports and vendor reports quickly.

Accessing Reports

Streamline multiple test results into a single report. Customize output to your unique competencies. Dynamically adjust text based on thresholds. Add interview questions or development tips.

Systems Integrations

"With their unique blend of I-O and IT expertise, the Quintela Group helped us streamline our multiple assessment processes and competency reporting capabilities. The teams outstanding consulting and customer service focus allowed us to replace an outdated and manual system, freeing up our time to focus on more strategic tasks. "

HR Director Organizational Development, PhDFortune 500 Big Box Retailer

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