Competency Management System

With the help of Quintela’s proprietary online system, your company can leverage our extensive library to define the exact skill sets that are needed to succeed in a variety of jobs, and then incorporate those competencies into your hiring, development and performance management programs.

What can a competency model library do for your organization? Competency models are frameworks that provide a “recipe” for the capabilities needed for good job performance. From marketing to manufacturing, from administrative work to accounting and beyond, Quintela’s competency library platform can be leveraged to help you assess candidates and evaluate employees based on the most desirable skills for their job.

Your competency model(s)

Take advantage of Quintela’s extensive framework and/or upload all of your competency content.  Configure the system around your specific hierarchy and structure.  Manage and segment multiple competency models for those departments and business units that have their own models.   

Assessment Building Blocks

Assign entities to each competency that will allow you to build any talent management assessment.  For example, assign interview questions to competencies or psychometric items and scoring to each competency in your profile. 

Only Competency-Based Assessment Builder That You Will Ever Need

Build any talent assessment by combining a list of competencies
and their assigned entities. We are real assessment experts, so we knew we had to design our platform to account for the only three assessment processes.

Someone provides information about…

  • Themselves (eg Psychometric Tests)
  • Someone Else (eg 360/180 Surveys)
  • Something (eg Job Analysis Surveys)

Job Analyses

Create job analysis surveys with your items/sections.  Send surveys to 100s of job experts.  Receive a simple summary report with descriptive and aggregated ratings.

Job Profiles

Send a list of competencies to 1 or more job experts to select/rank critical competencies. Receive a simple summary report with descriptive and aggregated ratings.  

Psychometric Assessments

Assign test items to each competency & add scoring algorithms. Create an assessment by  combining competencies. Items are ordered/randomized.  

360/180 Degree Surveys

Easily create surveys for one or multiple individuals to rate someone else. Receive a simple summary report with aggregated ratings.

Performance Surveys

Create an assessment that allows one person (usually a manager) to rate their direct report and/or dotted line individuals. 

Interview Guides

Use a simple builder to create interview guides.  Assign guides to hiring team.  Print PDF/Word or enter notes and scores into eGuides.

Engagement Surveys

Create organizational and/or engagement surveys and send them to some or all of your employees. Utilize an interactive analytics dashboard that can be filtered by fields like department, gender, etc.   

Individual Assessments

Combine multiple assessments, typically designed to simulate a day in the life of the target role. Receive simple reports for the leaders who completed the assessment battery and/or for their coaches. 

Assessment Centers

Create a multi-rater, multi-method assessment battery to be administered to a group of individuals, typical high potential employees.  Capture all rater notes and scores online.

Custom Analytics Dashboards

Download a single file with all data on-demand. Design and implement a custom analytics dashboard with the metrics and graphs that you need. Include predictive data so that you can assess your quality of hire and legal exposure.  For interviews, evaluate your quality of interview/hire, quality of interviewer, and quality of interview content.  

A competency model library supports your business goals

A competency library platform can be used for both individuals and business units, setting expectations and defining roles.  Competencies provide a common language for discussing capabilities and behaviors that are critical for your company.

Competency models have become increasingly popular because they reveal opportunities and methods for training, especially in highly specialized and leadership roles. Furthermore, a competency model library can be useful in the hiring process, as it offers clear communication to hiring managers, and even candidates, about the expectations of the job. This consistency allows your hiring team to make better decisions, finding the right fit for your position, thanks to defined roles and functions.

The Quintela competency management system has been extensively researched and includes competency definitions and specifications for multiple types and levels of roles.

Quintela can help you find the right competencies that fit your company, providing you with the support you need to make the right talent management decisions. Ready to get started with your competency model library? Contact us today to learn more about custom solutions for your business.

"We use Quintela for our interview guide system and assessment dashboard because they work with us to create what WE want/need rather than limiting us to off the shelf products that don’t fully meet our needs."

Director Talent Management, PhD,Billion-Dollar Industrial Manufacturer

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