Structured Situational Competency Based Interview Software

When you use our structured competency based interview software, your organization can develop more confidence in its hiring program. At Quintela, we have delivered significant benefits to our clients, who experience lower turnover and more effective hiring, thanks to the use of a situational based interviewing platform.

With the help of our technological solutions, clients are able to effectively sort through potential employees, achieving a deeper understanding of a candidate’s true expertise. Instead of using traditional interview questions and a poorly organized interview tracking system, companies are moving toward a more sophisticated solution with a structured competency based interview platform.

Let technology do the heavy lifting for you, allowing your hiring teams to focus on finding the right employees for your firm.

What can structured competency based interview software do for you?

At Quintela, we know how difficult it can be to build and coordinate interviews, particularly for management candidates. You want the potential employees to meet the entire team, but you also need information that allows you an “apples-to-apples” comparison.

Too often, various interviewers will ask inconsistent questions, meaning that your hiring teams are left without a useable standard by which to compare candidates. We all know that using gut instinct to hire candidates is a bad idea — which is why Quintela’s situational based interview platform is a necessity in today’s competitive environment.

A digital hiring platform such as Quintela’s structured competency based interview software allows your team members to aggregate their notes and responses to specific candidates. Furthermore, this technology eliminates duplication of efforts — you can avoid asking a candidate the same question twice. Finally, Quintela uses competency-based situational interview questions to help you determine exactly how a candidate would react in a real-life situation, preventing those “rehearsed” questions that compromise the quality of your interviews.

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