Structured Interview Process System

What can a structured interview process system from Quintela do for your company? Structured interviewing is the best-practice approach to hiring new employees.  Research has consistently shown that structured interviews tend to be more successful at predicting a candidate’s performance at your organization.

With the help of structured interview template software, you can make interviewing easy, convenient, and fair for all candidates. Asking the same, job-relevant questions of all candidates — and using a prescribed scoring format — can prevent your hiring teams from allowing their emotions or individual idiosyncrasies to drive their decision-making. Hiring decisions are more effective when made based on data and measurable characteristics, not “gut feelings.”

If you use a structured interviewing process but are struggling to ensure that everyone is using it consistently, Quintela’s structured interview system can help you monitor and manage your entire interview process.  Stop using Excel or Word to manage interview content, competencies and interview scores – instead, harness the power of the Quintela system and see immediate savings in costs and time. In addition, using a structured interview system centralizes information about your hiring funnel and promotes better quality hiring decisions.

Efficiency through a structured interview process system

Your hiring teams do not have the time to waste with an inefficient and ineffective process. Give them capability and confidence to correctly assess potential employees with a hiring process built around the Quintela structured interviewing platform.

With the use of our structured interview template software, you can realize many advantages, including:

  • Consistency: Treating all candidates the same in order to comply with legal requirements
  • Fairness: Giving all candidates the chance they deserve to demonstrate job-relevant capabilities
  • Effectiveness: Better predicting a candidate’s success in a job at your company
  • Accuracy: Ensuring that every member of the hiring team gets the same information.

With the help of a structured interview process system, your organization can benefit from our years of experience, using a comprehensive library to build custom interview guides. Take your hiring process from so-so to stellar with the help of Quintela’s proprietary approach. We can’t wait to get started connecting you with our useful digital tools.

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