SHRMStore Interview Guide Platform

 Improve candidate fit by increasing the efficiency of your interview process while reducing costs. Watch this short video to see just how Quintela allows you to create or update your interview guide in just a few clicks.

Why Use Quintela?

Interview guides are time consuming. They’re painful to update and difficult to share with your team. Quintela solves these problems by taking the best of both worlds – the simplicity of static documents and the power of software. Get your interview guides out from under a pile of paper and into one platform everyone can use.

"Quintela is unique because they are selection science experts who build simple, easy-to-use HR technology. Using the Interview Guide Platform is highly intuitive—which is a must for HR professionals and hiring managers with decreased bandwidth and increased responsibilities. One of the best parts of the platform is it helps equip interviewers with practical tips on how to structure the interview, how to ask probing questions, what to look for and how to evaluate. It reduces much of the leg work typically required by recruiters to prepare interviewers, while providing candidates a more consistent and polished interview experience.

Ashley Miller – Director, Digital Products & Services at SHRM

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