Panel Interview Guide Tool

Are you getting the most out of our panel interviewing process?  Is the work involved in managing and monitoring your panel interview process too time-consuming?  While panel interviews can be more effective and efficient than individual one-on-one interviews, if managed improperly they can be ineffective and painful for everyone involved.  When you’re ready to streamline your panel interviewing process, it is time to enlist help from Quintela to build a custom panel interview guide management system.

Many employers simply do not know where to start when it comes to streamlining their interview process. Luckily, our panel interview management system offers a wide range of functionalities that assist our clients with all aspects of the interviewing process.

Whether you are an internal recruiting team or talent/organizational development function, Quintela is here to help. We improve efficiency through technology, giving you the tools you need to make the right hire the first time.

How our panel interview guide tool works

When you prepare for a panel interview, what usually happens? In many offices, team members are frantically passing out papers minutes before the candidate arrives, hurriedly assigning questions to ask. Instead of focusing on the candidate, your interviewers are worried about their own performance — they lack the resources and structure to execute the process effectively.

The use of a panel interview management system allows your team to interview more effectively and efficiently. An online portal gives managers quick access to the candidate’s interviewing guides, allowing members of the hiring team to prepare more thoroughly before they walk into the conference room. Quintela’s system promotes:

  • Consistency between interviews, allowing for greater objectivity
  • Coordination of interview questions and competencies to ensure comprehensive measurement without duplicating questions
  • More predictable experiences, giving your hiring managers more confidence
  • Higher correlation between interview performance and actual job success
  • And convenience when analyzing and comparing candidates

Why should your interviewing process cause so much stress and strain on your recruiting, HR or hiring teams? At Quintela, we work to build you the perfect panel interview platform to significantly improve your overall hiring process. When you are ready for a comprehensive panel interview guide tool, it is time to contact Quintela. We can’t wait to get started working for you.

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