Online Pre Hire Assessment Testing

Organizing and executing a pre hire assessment testing process can be expensive and time-consuming. In addition, in many cases a single vendor lacks the breadth of assessment tools to fit all your needs, forcing you to hire multiple vendors.  With Quintela, you can choose the best assessments available and administer and report on them using our seamlessly integrated assessment platform, saving you costs and making your assessment process more efficient and effective.

Quintela has designed powerful HR, recruiting and talent development tools that range from digital interview guides to easy-to-administer online pre hire assessment reporting and testing.

Why rely on our online pre hire assessment system?

Putting potential employees through a battery of assessments provides valuable insight into how that individual will fit within your organization. However, an assessment process can be difficult to execute over time. Does your HR department have the time to…

  • Administer the assessments? With our online pre hire assessment testing solution, you can integrate assessments from third-party vendors or utilize your own proprietary assessments.
  • Track candidate progress? After you send administration instructions to candidates for off-site administration, it can take time and communication to follow up with candidates to learn about their progress. With the tools made available through Quintela, you are able to seamlessly track the progress of each and every candidate — a valuable feature for high-volume hiring scenarios.
  • Store and review data and records? Do you record and save hard copies of results of each test? Where do you store them to make sure they are accessible to everyone that needs them? With our assessment platform, you can save and store the assessment records for easy review. You are even able to generate reports that incorporate the results of several tests into an easy-to-interpret, fully-customizable assessment dashboard.

Needless to say, Quintela and our online pre-hire assessment reporting solution automates tedious processes in order to get the results and data that you are after.

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