Online Panel Interview Management System

How can an online panel interview management system help your organization hire and retain the right employees? At Quintela, we believe that information is power —our online panel interview system for employers is designed to streamline your interviewing process and deliver relevant data to your hiring teams about all each candidate you evaluate.

Your individual and panel interviews can benefit from a data-driven perspective, allowing you to objectively evaluate and score candidates with ease. When you want to reduce subjectivity in your hiring decisions, improve the quality and efficiency of your interviewing process and deliver consistent, high quality hiring outcomes, it is time to choose Quintela and our suite of digital solutions.

What can an online panel interview management system do for employers?

Have you ever participated in an ineffective panel interview? Panelists may be fumbling for their paperwork, uncoordinated and unaware of the questions their colleagues will ask.

This can give an unprofessional impression to the candidate, and it also causes unnecessary stress for your valuable hiring teams. With Quintela, you no longer have to worry about unstructured, unpredictable panel interviews. In fact, our online panel interview system for employers provides you with:

  • Structured guides, helping your hiring teams follow a consistent and fair process
  • Specific questions designed to assess important competencies
  • Programs that assign certain questions to certain members of the hiring team, ensuring complete coverage of relevant content without repetitive or redundant questions
  • And a commonly shared data platform for capturing interview scores quickly and efficiently

When hiring, you want each candidate thoroughly vetted before they join your organization. Instead of relying on an inconsistent hiring process, why not coordinate your efforts with the help of an online platform like the solution available through the Quintela?

Our online panel interview management system makes interviewing easy and straightforward for your hiring teams, allowing them to spend time on activities that produce the best results. Let us show you the benefits of our system!

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