Online Digital Interview Guide

How can an online interview guide system for selecting and screening employees help your hiring teams with their behavioral interviewing efforts? At Quintela, we help HR and recruiting teams use our technology to “force multiply” their efforts and support their clients in the area of behavioral interviewing.

Finding the right candidate for your organization is difficult without the help of a digital interview tool. You may be struggling with inconsistent interviewing practices, frustration from hiring managers and poor performance from those candidates who do make it through your system.

Instead of dealing with these issues, you can create a more efficient hiring protocol that gets you the right employees the first time. Quintela can help your organization, no matter its size, by creating custom HR solutions to fit your firm’s needs.

Why you need an online interview guide for selecting and screening employees

Hiring managers often have good intentions, but interviewing committees can easily get off-track and fail to ask the right questions of candidates. Stop this from happening, and create a great culture of behavioral interviewing, by using Quintela’s digital interview tool.

Our proprietary system allows your organization to gain insight into a candidate’s responses by:

  • Using real-life examples to determine how a candidate will react to future challenges
  • Helping you avoid leading questions (those that get the answer you want, instead of revealing the applicant’s true nature)
  • Allowing you to maintain in control of the interview while still building rapport with the applicant
  • And gathering consistent data that can easily be compared among everyone who has applied for the job.

This seamless integration means that your hiring processes are faster and more accurate, preventing you from wasting money on candidates that lack fit with the job, team or company. Use our online interview guide for selecting and screening employees, and learn what Quintela can bring to your organization. We can’t wait to help you get started. Contact our team today to learn more.

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