New Employee Hire Interview Management

What can a new employee interviewing system do for your organization? Whether you hire 60 or 60,000 new employees every year, managing the interviewing process to ensure it is delivered consistently and effectively can be an overwhelming task for an HR, recruiting, or Talent Management function.

With the help of our new hire interview management system at Quintela, you can reduce the time and energy required to quickly screen and select top-notch talent for your company. Whether your company needs help with interview content (questions and rating anchors) or help streamlining the entire interviewing process — it is time to consult with our team at Quintela.

Our technological solutions and proprietary assessment platforms help you make sure that you find the right candidates, preventing you from wasting time and money because you hired the wrong person.

Organizational strategies for your new employee interview management system

You want to ensure that candidates for your open positions have “the right stuff” — but what resources are available to help you reach that goal?

  • At Quintela, we offer psychometric testing that is designed to assess important – but often difficult to measure – applicant characteristics, increasing the likelihood that they will fit in with the team.
  • Furthermore, our new hire interview management system is designed to make interview planning, execution and analysis a breeze. We help you collect and combine data about a candidate, including assessments, into a comprehensive report that allows you to make an informed hiring decision.
  • Our company was founded by Dr. Joel Quintela, who holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The Ohio State University. His impeccable qualifications and deep understanding of human resources topics make him one of the leading industry experts in performance management.

When you are ready to improve the quality and speed of your hiring processes, it is time to turn to Quintela for your new employee interview management system. Let us help you develop a custom plan today. Contact us now to get started.

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