Leadership Development Assessment

Leverage effective leadership development assessment tools with the help of Quintela. Our highly experienced and accomplished staff has developed a suite of digital tools that streamline and add both sophistication and intuitiveness to key processes like hiring and development for leadership roles.

While we provide digital interview guides that help companies save serious money on the interview process, we also feature an assessment platform that helps companies identify and develop leadership talent.

Accurate, user-friendly leadership competency assessment reporting

Assessing the talent already on your team and analyzing which employees might be primed for advancement can be difficult, but incredibly important. With our leadership competency assessment tool, we put a tremendous resource in the hands of our clients.

  • Our assessment platform integrates assessments from leading vendors and publishers. You can select assessments and implement them in your leadership and talent development process.
  • You can also implement proprietary assessments that fit the unique needs of your organization.
  • With our digital leadership development assessment solutions, you are able to create an assessment process that adheres to your top talent / high potential framework and competency models.
  • With a user-friendly, convenient dashboard, you are able to store and access past records of each individual employee in addition to tracking their completion progress on all assessments.

What does all this leadership competency assessment reporting do for you? You’ll unlock more informed talent-related decision-making by HR professionals and department heads, less time and money spent on developing your own assessment process and — arguably the most important result — effectively identifying and cultivating leadership talent in your organization.

We invite you to experience these leadership development assessment tools for yourself. Connect with the team at Quintela to get more information.

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