Integrated Online Cognitive Assessment

Bring an integrated online cognitive or personality assessment to your hiring or talent management processes by utilizing the powerful tools made available through the Quintela.

We have worked tirelessly to develop digital HR tools that make it quicker, easier and more cost-efficient to screen, select, develop and evaluate talent within your organization.  Our tools represent the best-in-class when it comes to developing digital interview guides, administering cognitive and personality assessments, creating a custom performance management platform, and more.

Utilize our integrated online cognitive and personality assessment tool

The Quintela has carefully developed a comprehensive assessment platform that integrates multiple assessment vendors and also facilitates proprietary assessments. This digital resource will prove to be highly valuable when it comes to:

  • Hiring: With our assessment reporting tools, you are able to administer pre-employment tests, psychological assessments and more, even in high-volume hiring scenarios. All participants can simply visit a single link, which will have assessments from the leading publishers and, if needed, your own proprietary assessments. By customizing competencies and scores, you are able tailor this solution to your unique hiring purposes.
  • Talent development: An integrated online leadership assessment is a great tool when it comes to identifying and developing talent and potential amongst existing employees. With a dashboard that can conveniently store records of all completed assessments, you are able to more effectively identify develop needs and strengths your employees can address or leverage.

With our integrated online personality assessment — and wide range of other tools — we empower recruiters, HR professionals, talent management, organizational development and other talent “developers” to make their decisions based on accurate, effective data. The best part is that you don’t have to cobble together reports or platforms from different assessment vendors – our integrated platform does all that work for you.

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When it comes to finding the right fit for your organization — and cultivating talent within your workforce — Quintela allows you to manage these processes in a streamlined fashion.

Explore our solutions and see how you can utilize an integrated online cognitive or personality assessment in your talent management processes.

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