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Performance management platforms are designed to promote and improve employee effectiveness. Although the overall goal is to manage an employees goals, tasks, and performance in general, the process and PM systems can become quite complex and cumbersome to use. Here at Quintela, we focus on creating simple, efficient performance management systems to do exactly what you need it to do – nothing more, nothing less. Our technology can be the medium by which you track employee performance against your key metrics, competency models, and overall organizational structure.
Our online performance management tool gives us the flexibility to manage content and formatting to keep up with our changing needs. The Quintela team has been great to work with, delivering a very cost-effective and sustainable solution that we can rely on. The Quintela team is fast and flexible, helping us keep up with our business demands.
Senior Director Talent Management, PhD

Fortune 500 Hotel



Work with us to design your simple PM system.
Pick variables that are most relevant to you.
Create rating structures and processes that work best for your unique needs.


Customizable platform to meet your brand standards.
Entire PM system is in your language.
Create unique workflows and communication templates.


Users digitally record ratings and comments on employees’ performance.
Eliminates manual data entry and spreadsheets.
Quickly rate multiple employees at once.

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