Competency Based Assessment Interview System

How can a competency based interview system work for you? When you are hiring a large number of employees annually, using numerous interviewing teams across your organization, it can be easy for your interviewing teams to lose focus, allow their idiosyncrasies to creep into the system, and end up with unsuccessful hires.

With loosely-structured interviewing processes, you are not leveraging science-based, best-practice interview tools that help you identify the most suitable candidates. With the help of Quintela’s competency based interview system, your teams can eliminate uncertainty and improve their likelihood of a successful hire. What is the secret?

Quintela’s behavioral interview system is powered by a library of job-specific questions linked to competencies important for success in a broad range of organizational roles. Whether you are hiring a tech guru, environmental services technician, executive, or anyone in-between, you can benefit from Quintela’s cutting-edge approach. Standardize your interviewing process, save time, and lower your risk by leveraging tools available from Quintela.

What is a competency assessment interview system?

Most hiring managers have been there — a savvy candidate convinces the hiring team that they are the right fit. They seem likeable, cooperative and polished.  They get hired, trained and assigned their first project, and it’s only then that their true qualifications and qualities come out and you realize they were another bad hire.  At that point, the hiring manager is left with the choice of either retraining the new hire or hiring a new employee.

What if you could avoid that fate with the help of a competency based interview system?

  • At Quintela, we offer an encyclopedic library of competency-based interview questions that lower your risk of bad hiring decision.
  • Our team members have compiled a significant number of resources that build your confidence in the interviewing process.
  • We help you craft specific, custom interview guides — based on science and best-practice — that evaluate candidates for suitability for the role and company. Making the right hiring decision up front reduces the likelihood of having to manage low performers.

You rely on data in all elements of your business, so why would hiring and interviewing be any different? Let us show you how our competency assessment interview system can support high-quality hiring decisions at your organization. Contact Quintela today to get started.

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