Behavioral Descriptive Event Interview Tool

How can a behavioral descriptive interview tool help your teams improve the quality of their hiring processes?

At Quintela, we believe that using behavioral interviewing strategies, facilitated by behavioral event interview guide software, can help your organization save time, money and energy when seeking to fill a position. Our behavioral competencies interview system delivers custom questions designed to fit specific positions at your organization.

With a large library of competencies and interview questions designed for almost any industry, Quintela is an invaluable resource when it comes to finding the right employee. Considering that the cost of replacing an employee can easily surpass 100 percent of that person’s annual salary, it makes sense to optimize your hiring process to ensure your hire the right candidate every time. Let us show you how behavioral interviewing can help!


Using a behavioral descriptive interview tool to deliver real results

Imagine being able to quickly assess a candidate’s true qualifications, motivations and overall behavioral tendencies using a best-in-class interviewing process.  Imagine being able to access candidate interview data, including individual interview ratings and notes, at any time through a convenient electronic system. Instead of having to sort through handwritten notes or incomprehensible documents, your hiring teams can use behavioral event interview guide software to coherently compose their thoughts and share their interview ratings and hiring recommendations. This makes hiring information more accessible and easy-to-understand, driving your firm toward better decision-making.

What is behavioral event interviewing?

  • In this system, hiring teams ask candidates to describe situations in which they were successful at another position.
  • These questions are considered more valuable in understanding a candidate’s personality because they are more difficult to rehearse ahead-of-time.
  • Behavioral event interview strategies are best employed during multiple-interview structures. Various questions can easily be assigned to different members of the team, and their notes are quickly captured by Quintela’s integrated platform.

These techniques dive deeper than traditional interviewing questions, allowing you to increase the chances of a successful hire. Improve your hiring process and add value to your organization with the help of our behavioral descriptive interview tool. We can’t wait to get started working for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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