Structured Behavioral Digital Interview Guide

A structured behavioral interview guide has the power to take your organization’s hiring process from average to exceptional for your company and for the candidates you interview.

Imagine having access to a digital interview management system that allows you to make decisions based on a candidate’s true capabilities and tendencies, rather than the persona they present to you when they come to interview. Behavioral interviewing has the power to screen poor performers out of your hiring stream, leaving you with only the most competent employees for your open positions.

At Quintela, we have harnessed the power of this interviewing style into our behavioral interview platform, allowing for quick information sharing throughout your organization. Your hiring process has never been faster or more accurate.

How a structured behavioral interview guide can help your company

Many of those old interview questions simply do not tell you much about a candidate: “What’s your biggest weakness,” and “Tell me about yourself,” spring to mind.

Of course, your candidates have rehearsed answers, but those are not substantial and do not help you predict an applicant’s true behavior when faced with the real challenges they’ll face on the job. With the help of our digital interview management system, you can create custom interview protocol that:

  • Improve consistency in interviewing — interviewers ask the same questions in the same order
  • Evaluate your applicant’s behavior, allowing you to predict future behavior through stories the applicant tells
  • Gives you a stronger analysis of your candidate’s potential
  • Improves your communication with the candidate
  • And generally leads to more efficiency in hiring for your firm

Interviewing does not have to be a scary proposition. In fact, with our structured behavioral interview guide system, you can help remove anxiety for applicants and interviewers, setting clear expectations that yield real results. Are you ready to learn more about how Quintela can help you build a behavioral interviewing culture? Contact us today to get started.

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