Selection Screening Interview Guide

How much more efficient and effective would your overall hiring process be if you could streamline your selection or screening interview process?

At Quintela, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to benefit your recruiting, human resources and hiring teams. With the help of our screening interview guide tool for employers, you can take the guesswork out of hiring and eliminate ineffective and inefficient screening interviews.

Imagine the wasted time and energy spent with clumsy, inconsistent or haphazard interviewing. Now, imagine the financial value and increased managerial confidence your company could gain by leveraging the power of our selection interview guide tool. At Quintela, we believe that your teams deserve a well-designed, efficient and high quality hiring process based on best-practice science, research and technology, which is why we eliminate many of the biggest hurdles from the interviewing process.

Using a selection interview guide tool for employers

If you have researched best practices in new hire screening, you may recognize some of the common options in a screening process tool for employers. Whether you are hiring a hostess at a restaurant or a nuclear engineer, your want to know whether job candidates are reliable, trustworthy and competent at the position’s basic tasks. the right screening tool can quickly and efficiently winnow your applicant pool from unmanageable to hand-selected.

Instead of wading through application after application, consider using personality screening tests, experience screeners, and other pre-employment tools to eliminate applicants that are grossly unfit for your open positions. In the era of internet job applications, a growing number of candidates are simply “spamming” employers, using the shotgun method of resume distribution. This causes waste for both candidates and the employers they contact.

Save your company time, money and energy by choosing a selection interview guide tool from Quintela. This allows you to focus your efforts on the real achievers, saving you from an overwhelming drift of resumes. If you are ready to streamline your hiring process, contact us today for a demonstration of our customizable system.

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