Pre Hire Online Interview Guide

Finding the right pre-hire online interview system to support your hiring process can ease the burden and reduce the costs of hiring. Instead of guessing about the questions you should be asking your candidates, what if you had an automated system — a structured interview guide application designed to fit the specific needs of your company?

Take the uncertainty out of your hiring process with the help of Quintela’s pre hire interview platform. Our pre-hire assessment tools allow you to rapidly weed out applicants that lack the “skill and will” to succeed on the job. These systems prevent your team from wasting time on candidates who do not meet the requirements for the position, allowing you to instead focus on those with true potential.

Let us show you how effective our tech solutions can be for your company.

Pre hire online interview guide technology to support your hiring process

How likely is this to happen in your company: Your hiring teams are uncertain or confused about exactly how to hire for a new position, so they cobble together some interview questions and ask them in a haphazard fashion?

This “approach” leads to an incoherent and inconsistent process that prevents you from comparing candidates in an “apples-to-apples” fashion. Instead of collecting consistent and comparable information about candidates, you are forced to guess to fill-in gaps or have to call applicants for another round of interviews in order to clarify, wasting valuable time and resources that you could be spending on other activities. With the help of a best-in-class structured interview platform provided by Quintela, those headaches are a thing of the past.

Our pre hire online interview guide system is easily accessible to everyone in your organization who needs it. Team members can go into interviews prepared with a standardized set of questions — questions that get right to your candidate’s capabilities and allow to you understand how well they will likely perform on the job.

Stop wasting time with small talk and ineffective interview questions and get real results with the help of Quintela’s tech solutions. We make sure that your interviewing teams have the best interview tools available, providing for more efficient and effective hiring. Ready to get started? Contact Quintela today to learn more.

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