Pre Hire Assessment Test

Explore the digital tools made available through the Quintela to see how we make pre hire assessment test administration seamless and efficient.

It’s essential for any company to analyze potential candidates in a way that determines their true suitability for a job. These revelations are easily available through their responses to a series of proven assessment tests and inventories linked to a wide range of competencies.

Through these assessments, you can greatly improve your hiring and talent development processes — but only when they are administered accurately and effectively, and only when the results are provided in a way that is meaningful. That’s where our pre hire test administration software comes in.

About Quintela’s digital tools

With our flexible, intuitive digital assessment platform, you are able to create and share results with key HR personnel and decision makers who might be involved in this process, from hiring managers to department heads.

We make pre hire assessment test administration simple and easy because we customize it to align with your competency framework. Not only that, but our system stores the data and allows you to analyze it in order to make the right hiring decisions.

With Quintela’s suite of digital resources — including our pre hire test software — you are able to make sure that your assessments are:

  • Consistent across the board
  • Tailored to the competencies needed for your specific business/job
  • In compliance with applicable regulations (i.e. EEOC regulations and guidelines)
  • Created and administered in a time- and cost-efficient manner
  • Yielding predictive data that is useful in making hiring decisions

Not only does the Quintela provide access to our psychometric assessment resources, but we have created a comprehensive assessment platform that empowers human resources, recruiting, talent management, organizational development and leadership development processionals to use assessment results to make better, more informed decisions.

See how our products aid in pre hire assessment test administration — connect with the helpful team at the Quintela to get started.

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