Pre Employment Personality Screening

A pre employment personality screening is a great tool for all any business wishing to determine which candidates are best suited for a role. However, the data collected through testing is only useful when testing is conducted in a consistent, standardized fashion and the results are presented in ways that are easily accessible and interpretable.

That’s what the Quintela provides for our wide range of clients that use our digital interview guides and assessment tools

Pre employment psychological screening that is flexible and easy to execute

Think about the time and effort that goes in to administering assessments, storing records and keeping them accessible so that you can revisit the data in order to track an individual’s assessment profile. This process alone is enough to bog down any talent management or organizational development team, which is why the Quintela’s assessment platform is such an asset.

We make pre employment aptitude testing — and a wide range of other assessments — streamlined and simplified. With the tools made available through Quintela, your team is able to seamlessly:

  • Integrate a variety of assessment vendors or create and administer proprietary assessments. If your business has a custom assessment, you can administer it through our platform.
  • Handles pre employment personality screening in high-volume hiring scenarios. Our solutions stand up to even the rigors of a job fair or other scenario in which many candidates or current employees must complete assessments.
  • Save time while more effectively selecting the right candidates for your business or placing existing employees into respective roles. Quintela’s assessment platform brings all the data to a convenient dashboard that helps simplify decision-making.

Leverage our digital resources for effective pre employment psychological screening

From the moment a candidate is hired, and as they progress through your organization, Quintela is an incredible asset when it comes to developing and assessing talent. A pre employment personality screening is the first step — see how our solutions can help optimize this important process for you.

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