Pre Employment Behavioral Screening

Implementing a pre employment behavioral screening tool is a fairly common practice for businesses across many different industries. The right assessment can be useful for determining whether or not a candidate would be a good fit for your organization, and if so, within which role they might thrive.

Almost any recruiting, talent management or HR professional understands the value of a high quality pre employment competency assessment.  However, when it comes to selecting the right assessments, building a consistent administration process, or making sense of the resulting assessment data, these professionals often struggle.

Luckily, the team at Quintela has created a pre employment screening system that allows your organization to streamline the way that it administers, measures progress on, and stores results for, these important tests.  We’ve also simplified the assessment reporting process so you can get maximum value from these assessments without having to earn your Ph.D.!

The challenges that come with assessments

At Quintela, our team has filled an important gap with our pre employment behavioral screening system. With a digital tool at your disposal, you can avoid some of the difficulties and limitations associated with assessments.

  • For starters, administering assessments and tracking results can be time-consuming for members of your team. With our pre employment competency assessment tool, much of this process is automated to save you time and money.
  • Quintela’s assessment tools can be used in pre employment hiring, but you can get even more benefit when used post-hire for development. These tools can help you identify future leaders or give you insights into the competency strengths and opportunities of your leaders.
  • The task of administering different assessments from different publishers, and trying to integrate them together within your competency framework, can be daunting. With Quintela’s solution, you can easily integrate assessments from third-party vendors and then generate reports from a dashboard or analyze the assessment data.

You have to experience the power of our assessment platform yourself. See how you can automate your organization’s pre employment behavioral screening process by connecting with Quintela.

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