Personality Test Administration Tools

What often happens when hiring managers use their “gut instinct” to hire for a critical position?  Instead of focusing on important characteristics predictive of success on the job, they use other criteria and end up hiring another person who “didn’t work out”.  In many instances, employers end up spending significant amounts of money to replace these new-hires, managing downtime in the department and dealing with flagging morale from other workers. Instead of taking that chance, why not consider a personality assessment system from Quintela?

Our knowledgeable teams can help you identify the right personality test for your needs, allowing you to pre-screen applicants for essential traits. Whether you are looking for an honest, forthright cashier, or a dedicated and intellectual aerospace engineer — and anything in between — Quintela has your solution.

The national move toward using a personality test administration tool

Industry experts estimate that more than 60 percent of American workers are required to complete some kind of pre-hire testing during their hiring process. These tests focus on measuring knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics (KSAPs) of candidates, and if done right, can help employers find candidates who are significantly more likely to succeed on the job, reducing training time and turnover.

Although only one tool in the human resources toolbox, personality assessments are useful during initial screening in the hiring process. The strongest tests, like those available through Quintela:

  • Measure stable traits that are unlikely to change over time
  • Offer a “candidness” scale to determine just how well the test responses reflect the applicant’s true character
  • And have been proven effective for many different roles and in many different environments

When it comes to finding the right personality test administration tool, Quintela’s resources can provide you with the custom approach you need to handle this important part of your hiring process. Contact us today to learn more about personality assessments that can support your hiring goals!

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