Performance Based Interview Guide

How can performance-based interview guide software help your organization? The hiring process has changed dramatically in recent years, with loosely-structured interviewing questions being replaced by high-quality, predictive, behavior-focused interview processes.

With the help of Quintela’s performance based interview system, your teams can avoid the difficulty of creating effective interview questions, instead, spending their time focusing on the candidate with whom they are interacting. A technological solution, such as a performance based interview platform, can help your hiring teams deliver effective behavioral interviewing without wasting their valuable time.

Pre-written questions that target a job’s specific competency requirements provide your hiring managers with deeper insights about a candidate’s potential, allowing you to avoid costly hiring mistakes. Let us show you the benefits of our performance based systems.

How performance based interview guide software works

How much time have you or your hiring teams spent creating interview questions that are designed to vet the perfect candidate? Even worse, how many times have your hiring teams used interview questions that allow a candidate to get by without providing meaningful details about their ability or willingness to perform the job, leading them to make a decision based on superficial characteristics or gut feelings?

With the help of a performance based interview system, your teams can avoid these negative effects. Our digital solutions help you:

  • Fully evaluate a candidate’s job experience
  • Examine prospective employees’ past growth and performance
  • Increase objectivity by preventing a “gut feeling” from overriding the facts
  • Identify that “achiever pattern” that yields real results within your organization
  • And eliminate the stress and headache that comes with inefficient and ineffective hiring processes

Your hiring managers are busy completing their daily work — they do not have the time to become expert interviewers. Give them a valuable “cheat sheet” that provides them with critical information through Quintela’s performance based interview guide software. Using our system, you can develop the questions that target true competency and reduce your risk of ineffective hires. Contact us today to get started with our custom interview guide system.

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