Past Behavioral Format Interview Guide System

Using a past behavioral format interview guide system can help your team make the smartest, most efficient, hiring decisions. At Quintela, we know how expensive it can be to find the right team member — and how much it can cost a business when a bad hiring decisions is made.

If your company has a high turnover rate, you could benefit from improvements to your hiring process, including incorporating a structured behavioral interviewing tool. With the help of our past behavioral format interview management system, your teams will be empowered to ask the questions that lead you to a candidate’s true capabilities and likelihood of success on-the-job. Whether you oversee a manufacturing firm, professional services provider, tech company or any other operation, you deserve to have confidence in your hiring process — and Quintela delivers.

What does a past behavioral format interview guide system do for you?

You may have heard the term “behavioral interviewing,” but what does it really mean? Using past behavioral format interview questions allows you to identify candidates’ desirable and undesirable behavior traits.

This approach can cut through the standard, “canned” answers that are provided by most of those potential hires, allowing you to identify red flags early in the process. Quintela’s past behavioral format interview system is based on the STAR method, which consists of:

  • S: Situation, candidate describes the situation that occurred
  • T: Task, candidate explains the task that they were assigned
  • A: Action, candidate describes the action taken to resolve the assignment
  • R: Results, candidate reports the result of their action

Questions that are designed to capture the STAR information have been shown to have a higher correlation to organizational success when compared to traditional interviewing questions. These interview questions do not necessarily have a “right” or “wrong” answer — rather, they are designed to reveal how the candidate has performed in real-world situations, which can be used to predict how they are likely to perform in similar situations that occur on the job if you hire them.

Considering the large costs of hiring a new team member, it just makes sense to enlist the help of Quintela’s software, a past behavioral format interview guide system that facilitates delivery of behavioral interviews. Let us show you how our custom interview guides can help your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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