Online Performance Appraisal System

You can get a robust, digital performance management application with the help of Quintela and our online performance appraisal system. With our custom platform, we can bring your performance management process into the 21st century with a simple, easy-to-use, highly accessible digital system.

Quintela prides itself on creating a custom, flexible and affordable online performance management system.  We want to equip HR professionals from companies of every size and industry to be able to effectively track the progress of their employees without having to devote so much time to it.

A standardized, consistent performance appraisal application

By leaning on technology — a digital performance management application, in this case — to track performance and improvement amongst employees, you are tapping into a completely standardized, consistent means of measuring results and contributions of your employees.

If an organization is allowing managers to make employment decisions without the use of reliable employee performance data because it’s too difficult to collect, they’ll likely rely on personal biases when making decisions.

An easy-to-use online performance appraisal system

Not only does our customized performance management platform provide organizations with the information they need to make important talent development, movement and compensation decisions, but our solutions are designed to be easy to use.

After all, the primary benefit of using technology to automate these processes is to save HR professionals and company managers time and effort. Outdated, manual performance review processes, including paper forms or documents that are offline, decentralized and stored often insecurely means your valuable performance data is inaccessible in any meaningful way.  However, our online performance management system allows you to collect, store and analyze your performance data so you can make quality talent decisions and conduct meaningful talent analytics.

With Quintela’s PM platform, rating an employee is ultra-simple and the data is made available to any personnel in charge of these duties. With comprehensive record keeping on each employee, you can get a very vivid look at where everyone stands in terms of their performance contributions.

Learn more about our online performance appraisal system by talking to the team at Quintela and requesting a free demo of our helpful digital HR tools.

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