Online Employee Performance Evaluation System

Thanks to the Quintela, your organization can easily implement an online employee performance evaluation system that helps you monitor the progress and performance of employees.

At Quintela, we work closely with our clients. When it comes to creating an online employee evaluation tool, it’s important to operationalize and bring to life the unique aspects of your organization that reflect your unique approach to performance.  Stop using off-the-shelf performance forms and MS Word documents that only add the complexity of managing forms to your job.  Instead, centralize your process and provide your teams with a simple-to-use performance rating tool that unleashes the value of performance data.

We developed our custom performance management platform to fit the unique needs of your business. This means defining the unique variables, rating structures and processes within the system so that the system can work seamlessly within your organization. Also, by customizing the platform to your specific needs, you can be assured that our solution will do exactly what you need it to.


Explore the many benefits of our online employee appraisal platform

Here at Quintela, we have changed the way that organizations review employee performance and make important talent management decisions. With our online employee performance evaluation system, you can identify top and bottom performers and determine which members of your workforce are capable of transitioning into a leadership role.

It’s important to have a system in place — one that is standardized and tailored to your performance review process. With our online employee performance evaluation tool, identifying top performers and potential leaders in your organization no longer has to be a guessing game.

We’d love to show you more about our online employee performance evaluation system, including its many capabilities behind it’s ultra-simple interface. Get started now by talking to the helpful staff at Quintela! We’re here to help you get them most out of the talent within your company.