Online Employee Performance Evaluation System

Quintela would like to introduce you to our online performance evaluation system designed to help your organization effectively manage the performance of you staff and position you for success.

Our custom-developed performance management platform helps streamline the process of tracking and analyzing the performance of your employees. From an easy-to-use online performance evaluation form, to comprehensive reports that provide you with data, our digital tools are designed to help our clients more easily identify potential within their organizations and develop the next wave of leaders.

How you can leverage our online performance evaluation tools

Thanks to our cost-efficient, effective online performance appraisal system, you can put a powerful talent management engine at your fingertips. By using these online performance appraisal tools to track employee goals, tasks and general performance, you will effectively be able to:

  • Identify and act on top performers: With our online performance evaluation system, you are able to get an accurate assessment of each individual employees performance contributions, allowing you to identify those who are providing the most value. It’s often true that 80% of the results are achieved by 20% of your employees – easily identify your top performers so you can reward and retain them.
  • Make Better Pay Decisions: Accurate performance ratings that reflect the true contributions of each employee provide the most sound basis for making pay decisions, including merit and bonus pay, allowing you to differentially reward your top performers.

 Easy reporting with a simple, user-friendly online performance evaluation form

With our custom created performance management platforms, all appropriate senior level personnel are able to use a digital rating system to create a trail of data on each employee. This eliminates manual data entry and makes for quick, easy tracking.

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