Leadership Situational Structured Interview Guide

How effective are your hiring managers at identifying leadership talent and hiring future leaders for your organization?  If your hiring teams aren’t using a proven leadership interview guide system, they’re far less effective than they should be.  In fact, a recent article from the Harvard Business Review indicated that companies fail to identify true leadership traits in about 82 percent of managers — an abysmal rate. What can your company do to avoid hiring the wrong supervisor or leader?

At Quintela, we believe that a standardized structured behavioral interview tool can give you the insights you need to make the best leadership hiring decision. Whether you are considering an internal candidate with leadership potential, or attempting to evaluate an external candidate, a behavioral interview system is an invaluable tool. Our tech solution offers a platform for note-taking, standardized interview questions, and faster and better decision-making by your hiring teams.

Deeper results with a leadership situational interview guide system

Traditional interview questions have been replaced with a more effective system that gives a perspective on a leader’s past actual performance. Instead of asking, “What is your biggest weakness?” business leaders should ask, “What is an example of a time that you solved a difficult problem?”

These questions are subtly different, but they reveal a world of difference in candidates’ capabilities. Through the use of a structured behavioral interview tool, your organization can identify candidates who show the right profile of success characteristics, which might include:

  • Delivering results instead of making excuses,
  • Effectively motivating teams around their efforts,
  • Reliability and conscientiousness
  • Thinking strategically and solving problems
  • And making large technical impacts that exceed those of their peers.

At Quintela, we provide the framework that allows your hiring teams to focus on important facts about your candidates rather than unsubstantiated intuitions of gut feelings when hiring. We can help you avoid being part of that 82 percent failure rate with our carefully curated interview questions linked to proven leadership competencies. Let us show you how much better your hiring process can be with the help of Quintela’s leadership situational interview guide system. We can’t wait to help you get started leveraging these helpful tools.

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