Integrated Assessment Psychological Testing Platform

Ability and personality each play an important role in determining how likely someone will succeed in a given job.  By leveraging insights made available through psychological assessment testing, companies can significantly increase their hiring and promotion success rates.  At Quintela, we work with our valued clients to develop integrated assessment packages designed to provide the insights they need to make better, more informed decisions about their prospective and current employees.

Regardless of industry, it is important to have the right psychological testing platform in place to ensure that you’re hiring the right people. Take the guesswork out of hiring your next valued employee — and keep your HR professionals from being overburdened — by working with Quintela to develop a custom assessment administration platform.

The advantages of using an integrated assessment platform

Pre-employment aptitude and psychological tests are a great tool for employers – for screening, selection, development, or advancement.  However, the usefulness of testing is often limited by the interpretability of the results.  If the assessment report is too complicated or requires an advanced degree to interpret, its usefulness is limited.  With our system, however, we can customize the reporting to suit the needs of any end-user of the information.

Assessments can save you costs, too.  Consider the cost associated with replacing an employee, which can easily surpass 100% of their annual salary. What if your psychological testing platform could minimize hiring mistakes? The right assessment tool can help you avoid hiring underperformers, which help reduce employee turnover, by:

  • Better appraising the skills, abilities and personal characteristics of your job-seekers
  • Identify the right opportunity and team placement for your candidates
  • And get a better picture of a team member’s core competencies and job fit

Personnel decisions are among the most critical choices that your company will ever make. Imagine if your hiring process could be easier, all with the implementation of an integrated assessment platform. Quintela can help you create the right assessment and testing mechanisms to screen candidates quickly and efficiently, limiting wasted time for your hiring team. You can enjoy a more thorough hiring system with the help of Quintela’s comprehensive, tech-driven approach. Ready to get started today? Contact us to learn more.

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