Individual Psychological Assessment Testing

Bring better value and interpretability to your company’s individual psychological assessment testing by leveraging the powerful tools made available through the Quintela. Our team has developed a sophisticated and easy-to-use resource that helps to remove the complexity from many assessment processes.

With our individual psychological assessment reporting and testing tools, you are able to bring deep insights into candidates that can provide significant value to your interviewing process no matter who is conducting the interviews and how many candidates they are screening.

Why leverage on our individual psychological assessment platform?

Developing insights from candidate interviews can be difficult – give yourself a head start by using information about candidates that is gleaned from assessment reports that reveal traits and characteristics that are often hidden out of view.  With Quintela, you are able to take advantage of an extensive library of assessment tests combined with our custom reporting on the results. You can also integrate third party and proprietary assessments.

By using Quintela’s tools for individual psychological assessment testing, you are bringing some of the following qualities to the process.

  • Consistency: This is key in the hiring process and also one of the hardest thing to achieve. Through our means of individual psychological assessment reporting and testing, you are able to compare candidates in an “apples to apples” fashion.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility of Quintela’s tools are what make them some of the best in the business. We know that no two clients have the same hiring needs — our assessment platform allows you to glean deep insights into candidates that are linked to the unique characteristics and requirements of your business.
  • Deep Insights: Get the information you are looking for from candidates that indicate whether or not they will be a good fit for your company. Quintela allows users to define relevant characteristics and then measure candidates based on those standards.

Quintela’s online, individual psychological assessment testing is a worthwhile tool for businesses of all sizes that want reliable resources to help them collect, and analyze, the necessary information from potential candidates. Learn more about our suite of digital tools by connecting with our team.

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