Formal Staff Performance Appraisal Management

With Quintela’s formal staff performance appraisal management system, your organization can gain access to insightful information used to make crucial decisions about your most valuable assets – your employees.

When it comes to identifying top performers within your organization, do you have a formal performance review process in place? Or, are your managers making employee decisions using unstandardized and inconsistent criteria — for better or for worse?

With today’s advanced digital tools, making the right talent decisions within your organization doesn’t have to be a guessing game. Quintela’s staff performance appraisal system can position you for success by providing a consistent, professional and simple-to-use system for setting goals, monitoring progress, reviewing performance and providing quality feedback.

Standardize your performance management process with our formal staff performance appraisal cycle tool

When people rely on their instincts to assess and analyze the skills and contributions of others, these judgements can often be clouded by biases and the limitations of those who are making these important judgments.

When our clients rely on our staff performance appraisal platform, they are able to gain the insight that comes with data that includes an employee’s goals, tasks, progress and overall performance. By utilizing this easy-to-use digital tool for formal staff performance appraisal, you are standardizing the process and minimizing much of the bias that plagues other processes.

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By using Quintela’s our system to manage your performance management cycle, you are getting a completely customized resource that includes your organization’s unique rating approach and associated processes. Not only does our platform allow you to collect important data from managers about your employees, it makes the entire process incredibly easy to manage for HR professionals and senior level executive teams.

Unlock the secret to highly effective formal staff performance appraisal management by contacting Quintela and asking us about our customized HR technology solutions.

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