Formal Employee Performance Management

f you want your organization to focus on building a performance culture that allows you to align, guide and evaluate performance, then Quintela’s formal employee performance management platform is a great tool to help you.

How do you consistently identify top performers in your organization right now? Do you track employee goals, tasks and performance contributions? Do you have a process in place that encourages employees to strive for improvement, knowing that their efforts will be rewarded?

If you do not — or if you have a cumbersome process in place that has outlived its usefulness— then we’d like to show you our employee performance management software.

We will customize an employee appraisal documentation system for you

Quintela will work closely with you to outfit your organization with a formal employee performance management system that fits your unique needs and approach to performance management. You tell us what you want and we can work with you to build it into the system.

With our employee performance management appraisal system, we empower HR professionals and business leaders to tangibly track the performance and improvement of employees. With real data and clear performance insights, our solutions help you identify high and low performers in a clear and consistent manner.

What’s working and not working with your current performance management process?

These are some things that we will discuss when it comes time to customize a digital solution for you. The Quintela features professionals that have decades of combined experience in this space. We know how to help organizations cultivate and develop talent, and it shows in our suite of digital tools we make available to HR professionals.

See how your organization can streamline formal employee performance management and empower you to effectively manage individual and team performance within your organization. Get started by consulting with the team at Quintela.

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