Exempt And Hourly Interview Guide Software

Imagine having a streamlined system that improves communication, decision-quality and participant satisfaction during the interviewing process.  Using our exempt and hourly interview guide software, you can significantly improve your interviewing process.

At Quintela, we offer a comprehensive interview management system for exempt and hourly hiring that allows you to expedite the process and fill roles with the right team members with ease and speed. Whether your company delivers sophisticated manufacturing products, customer service or scientific advances, you can benefit from our exempt and hourly interview system.

Advantages of using exempt and hourly interview guide software

Are all of your candidates interviewed in the same fashion? Many companies do not realize that legal restrictions generally require fair and equal interviewing techniques among all potential candidates. If your hiring teams are asking different questions for different candidates, it can be difficult to assess the “apples-to-apples” comparison and make a responsible hiring decision.

With the help of Quintela’s exempt and hourly interview management system, your organization can:

  • Standardize questions, making sure that each candidate has a similar and fair experience
  • Centralize information, allowing hiring team members to communicate about, and review, candidate data
  • Track candidates’ paths through your hiring system, encouraging efficiency in the process
  • And, ultimately lead to a higher-quality hire

When it comes to traditional interviews, experts have shown that success in such conversations is rarely related to actual success at work. At Quintela, we help you build a custom set of interview guides that allow you to truly assess the capabilities and personality traits of the candidates who apply. Our clients have hundreds of specialized interview guides that are specially designed for each job title and role.

Let us show you just how valuable our exempt and hourly interview guide software can be for your organization. Contact us today to get started on a custom solution for your business needs. We can’t wait to get started working for you.

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