Employee Personality Competency Reporting System

Quintela has developed a highly customizable employee personality profile reporting tool that is helping businesses of all sizes and industries identify and cultivate talent within their ranks.

Through automated processes and sophisticated tools, you are able to launch a complex assessment and evaluation program without monopolizing the resources of your human resources or recruiting teams.

We feature digital interview guides for companies that want to streamline the development and administration of various job interviews in addition to a full assessment platform that can be used for both candidates and existing employees alike.

Benefits of our employee competency reporting system

Our solutions that integrate assessments from multiple vendors into a customizable dashboard linked to your competency framework are the only ones available to recruiters, HR professionals and talent management/organizational development professionals.

When you utilize Quintela’s employee personality profile reporting tool, you can reap some of the following benefits.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Setting up, customizing and integrating individual test vendors assessment platforms can come with a big price tag. Quintela’s integrated assessment platform is a simplified, cost-effective solution that provides additional functionality that our competitors cannot provide.
  • Flexibility: You need an employee competency reporting system that works for your specific organization — not a one-size-fits-all approach to talent acquisition and leadership development. Our arsenal of tools allows you to tailor our solutions to meet the evaluation framework and competency models of your unique business.
  • Simplicity: A digital solution isn’t much help if it doesn’t allow you to simplify your assessment processes. Quintela’s suite of products are incredibly easy to use, allowing even non-technical users the ability to fully leverage their capabilities.

Change the way that your organization finds, acquires and develops talent. Utilize our employee personality profile reporting tool and other digital solutions. The team at Quintela is an email or phone call away.

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