Employee Performance Management Tool

Quintela is proud to introduce a cutting-edge, highly effective employee performance management tool tailored to your environment and rating model, allowing you to collect and leverage data for building capability within your organization.

With our easy-to-implement employee performance evaluation tool, HR professionals and talent management professionals are able to design best-in-class, highly simplified performance management tools for managers and employees.

With our employee performance management system, the process of collecting employee performance data is simplified, so that your organization’s HR professionals don’t have to spend their time managing the process, checking on the progress of each manager, or collecting and storing the resulting information.

Our employee performance appraisal tool easily integrates with your employee information system, including Workday, Success Factors and Oracle.

Custom Performance Management Tool

Quintela has created a performance management system that is customized to your unique environment, capable of doing exactly what you want it to do. This digital solution allows you to:

  • Track the goals, tasks and general performance of your employees
  • Easily report on the performance of an employee
  • Access these notes and ratings when making talent decisions
  • Identify potential leaders within your ranks and develop them
  • And more

Explore the capabilities of our digital employee performance management tools. Contact a member of our team and see how you can implement these high-value resources within your organization.


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