Employee Performance Appraisal Form

Is your organization’s HR department drowning in employee performance appraisal forms? Are you struggling to implement a process that administers, collects and stores the results of various appraisals from across the company? Let Quintela introduce you to our custom performance appraisal platform and see how much easier this important organizational activity can be.

Our team set out to simplify life for HR professionals and other members of the talent management process. We’re ready to work with you to create an employee performance review process that is easy for your managers to complete.

Our employee performance review system is just one of our tools

Quintela has several best-in-class digital tools that will allow you to more effectively gauge and leverage the talent within your organization. They include:

  • Custom performance management platform: Quintela can custom create a performance management platform for your organization to help promote employee effectiveness. With this solution, you are able to easily keep tabs on employee goals, tasks and general performance. Collect quality performance data you can feel confident in using to make talent decisions, including promotions, job assignments or pay.
  • Assessment platform: Personality, psychological and other types of assessments are an effective way to yield predictive data that provides insight into your workforce. However, administering these assessments and then analyzing the data can be a cumbersome process. Our assessment platform automates much of this process to allow you to administer tests, track the progress of each employee, store the results and generate reports that reveal the information you need. This solution allows you to create employee performance appraisal forms that shed light on the talent in your office.

Need a comprehensive employee performance assessment tool at your disposal?

Performance management is all about measuring the results and behaviors of each individual contributor. Quintela provides a custom employee performance review system that provides the data that will allow you to make better, more consistent, data-driven talent decisions within your organization.

Explore this employee performance appraisal form system further by connecting with our team and requesting a free demo or presentation.

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