Digital Interview Guides

By building digital interview guide systems, hiring managers and recruiters can seamlessly integrate the interview notes and ratings into the hiring process. 

Our interview builder is a tool that allows talent acquisition teams to create interview guides, competency models, and screening protocols for various positions at an organization. 

Interview Guide Builder

Extensive library of competencies and questions. Customizable to fit unique competency models. Create multiple guide versions at once. Ensure consistency during interview process.

Managing all of the interview content can be time-consuming and inefficient. By using the digital interview guide system, the candidate experience is consistent and the decision-making process is streamlined.

Candidate Dashboard

Make your interview guides available to recruiters and hiring managers. Advanced search and filtering features allow users to find their guides quickly. Restrict access to guides and edit features based on role.

Digital Interview Guides

Record objective ratings and interview notes digitally. Compare ratings and scores from multiple interviewers. Create database of notes/ratings for future analysis.

Systems Integrations

"In implementing an interview system to manage our competency-based interview guides and content, Quintela has proven that they are NOT the typical vendor. Their defensiveness-free attitude and adaptive approach allows us to address our unique requirements. The teams intelligent responsiveness and desire to solve our critical problems is refreshing."

Director of Selection & Assessment, PhD,Fortune 500 Telecommunications Organization

Digital Online Interview Builder

Do you know what a digital interview builder can do for your company? If you are an HR, recruiting, talent acquisition or talent management professional, you know how difficult it can be to create, deploy and manage a consistent and effective behavioral interview process in your company without a centralized system.  Let Quintela build that system for you!

If your hiring teams and hiring managers are frustrated with your approach to managing the interviewing process, reach out to Quintela for help building the right online interview guide system for you.

Are you aware of the true cost of a “bad hire?” Hiring the wrong person could end up costing you thousands of dollars because of poor performance, missed opportunities and repeat training. In fact, for many roles the cost to replace a bad hire (not including the cost of their poor performance) can easily exceed 100% of their annual salary.  For executive positions, this cost is even higher.

Talk about a major drain on your finances. The good news: You can avoid bad performers by working with Quintela to develop an online interview management system.

 Using a digital interview builder to improve your hiring process

At Quintela, we can build you a structured interview guide management system that fits your behavioral interviewing process. Easily create guides that are customized for each position, allowing you to focus clearly on the behaviors you want to see from prospects.

  • Our online interview guide system makes it easy for hiring teams to conduct interviews and make better hiring decisions based on interview data. This data-driven approach prevents your firm from wasting thousands on lackluster new hires.
  • You do not have to come up with the interview questions yourself. At Quintela, our digital interview builder includes a library of questions that can be linked to your competency framework. This ensures your interviewing process aligns with the competencies specific to your company.
  • These interview guides can be used throughout your organization through a central management system. Imagine never having to worry about compliance, inconsistency in interviewing, and other challenging interview process problems ever again.

If you are ready to make hiring faster, easier and more accurate at your firm, it is time to call Quintela to learn about our digital interview builder. We make managing your candidate interviewing process quick and simple, allowing you to fill open positions with new hires that will move the needle at your organization. Contact us today to get started.

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