Digital Online Competency Model Interview

How can a digital competency model interview help your company hire the right candidate? We have all seen interviewers at work — hiring managers have their own “pet” questions they like to ask candidates, or worse, they try to size up candidates up with lines of questioning that are neither job-related nor legally defensible.

Different hiring team members want answers to different questions, and before you know it, you are comparing apples and oranges in your candidate data. You do not have to deal with this frustration anymore.  Quintela’s online interview guide system helps ensure that interviews are conducted consistently for each your company’s open positions.

This reliable data allows you to identify and hire candidates with the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics (KSAPs) that are needed for success at your organization. Let Quintela get started on a structured interview system for your firm.

 How digital competency model interview structures help your business

It seems that no matter how hard your team works to create a positive candidate interview experience, in practice your candidates are often subjected to an inefficient, duplicative, or questionably-relevant  interviewing from your hiring managers.  Do not feel discouraged — your HR professionals need access to a system that provides a better way to manage the interview process.

Imagine having access to a database of quality interview questions that could be used for a position-by-position hiring method. Now, imagine your human resources professionals having access to hundreds of competency-based interview questions and more through an online interview guide system.

Your HR teams can formalize their processes and create data-driven models for hiring with the help of Quintela. Our digital competency model interview system gives instructions for interviewing, offers scaled rating systems and can be customized for each job at your company. Furthermore, the system allows interviewers to capture notes and interview ratings with ease, allowing them to document the interview without feeling stifled by the interview structure. Are you ready to start a more efficient, effective hiring practice? Contact Quintela today to learn more!

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