Custom Personality Test Report System

Have you considered improving your hiring process by incorporating a personality test, but you’re not satisfied with the reporting available from test publishers? Are you administering multiple tests and trying to integrate and report the results yourself for your internal clients? Could you benefit from a custom personality test report system that integrates results from multiple tests into an easy-to-interpret reporting system customized to your company?

The Quintela personality test report system offers clear candidate assessment information that allows you to quantitatively and qualitatively assess specific prospects relative to the requirements of the role, or you custom competency framework.

Simplify your assessment process and extract more value from assessment results by leveraging the power of the Quintela custom personality test report system

How a personality test report system can help your business

Personality testing has become a pervasive part of the hiring process for many companies. As tests and testing technology have advanced, more companies are utilizing these powerful tools to provide insights into the individual characteristics that predict success on the job. For instance, with the Quintela personality test report system, you can:

  • Gauge extraversion and introversion, which can help with hiring sales personnel that are more resilient in the field.
  • Examine traits like reliability and trustworthiness, which can be important in high-theft industries like retail.
  • And even assess mental stability and stress tolerance to support better hiring decisions at your security or healthcare firm.

These tests support your hiring process by helping you gather additional information that you would not otherwise have using a traditional job interview.

With the fast pace of today’s business environment, it can be difficult for hiring teams to spend much time with potential candidates. The time they spend needs to be focused on the things that matter the most – assessing potential fit for the role, team and company. Equip your hiring teams with additional insights leveraged with a custom personality test report system designed to provide only the data they need to make the right hiring decision. Contact us to learn more.

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