Custom Performance Management System

Are you still doing performance appraisals the old-fashioned way using paper forms or tracking records in Excel? You could benefit from a custom performance management system that makes it easy to collect performance information and organizes your employee performance data.

At Quintela, we know that keeping track of every employee’s performance evaluation can be a challenge — not to mention keeping this important information safe and secure. Running your business effectively means not wasting time on inefficient or outdate processes – and our custom performance appraisal platform delivers.

Quintela products can be used to ensure more consistent administration of performance reviews, providing you with the performance management software you need to identify and reward your top performers while addressing poor performers.

How our custom performance management system works

Employees and managers agree that performance reviews are a difficult, time-consuming tasks that burdens everyone involved, while executives often lament that they are not seeing the value of their performance management process.

Having an inefficient process can make it difficult for managers to make decisions about employees – promotion, development or separation – and the ripple effects can be costly. Take the uncertainty and complexity out of performance evaluations with our custom performance appraisal platform. Quintela helps our valued clients:

  • Ensure that performance reviews are administered consistently across the organization
  • Minimize legal risk when administering the performance evaluations
  • Reduce duplication of effort when it comes to reviewing an employee’s performance
  • Improve quantitative and qualitative rankings of employees
  • And provide better feedback to their staff, leading to higher productivity

Instead of using an archaic system that is too complicated or takes too much of your time, switch to our custom performance management system.

In your competitive business environment, you simply cannot waste energy and money on employees who do not deliver.  Let us help you develop a process for evaluating performance effectively and efficiently for everyone involved.  Contact us today to get started.

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