Custom Assessment Test Battery

What can a custom assessment test battery do for your interviewing and hiring process? Instead of spending time interviewing candidates who are not likely to succeed, your teams can assess basic competencies and proficiencies before your applicant even walks through the door.

With the help of a custom assessment test report system from Quintela, your candidates can be thoroughly vetted and screened ahead of time. When it comes to the right custom assessment test battery platform, no other company does what Quintela does.  By focusing on assessment technology, Quintela is able to provide custom test batteries and custom reporting to ensure that every assessment gives you the most useful information possible.

Our founder boasts more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, and he holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The Ohio State University. With such credentials behind our efforts, you can trust that Quintela will bring you maximum value, no matter where your candidates fall in the hiring funnel.

What can a custom assessment test battery do for you?

Many companies use pre-hire assessments to determine the likely fit of the candidate for a role.  While off-the-shelf assessments are available from a large number of test publishers, many of these assessments have to be administered manually, or at minimum using separate links that make the process more complicated for recruiters and candidates than it has to be.

Using Quintela’s assessment platform, you can construct an assessment battery using tests from multiple test publishers, and provide a seamless interface to candidates using a single link to the tests.  This means less clicking, less confusion and less likelihood that the candidate skips one of the tests.

In addition, Quintela can create a custom report that combines the results of multiple tests – even from different test publishers.  Custom reporting can ensure you get the most value from your assessment investment.  If the reports you’re using now have to be interpreted by someone with an advance degree, we can help by simplifying the reporting by translating into a dashboard that includes only the information you need.

Quintela boasts a wealth of information and experience that can be used to create custom assessments specifically designed for roles your company. Our valued clients are able to quickly obtain a custom assessment test results that highlight the most relevant information presented in a way that is easily interpreted. Avoid wasting your valuable time trying to make sense of complicated assessment reports by using our highly customized tools. Contact Quintela today to learn more about the benefits of our custom assessments for your company.

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