Competency Model Online System

Is your competency model-based interview consistently delivering achievers into your organization? If you are not currently using an online digital interview guide system to help your hiring teams collect consistent, job-relevant information about each candidate when making hiring decisions, you’re making things much harder than they should be.

At Quintela, we know that “gut feelings” toward a candidate can cloud the facts about their true qualifications and likelihood to succeed — including how effectively the potential employee would work under stress or how they will handle conflict. With the help of our global online interview management system, your hiring teams can quickly access the resources they need to bring more achievers into the fold, improving the quality of your organization’s talent. When you are ready for a more convenient, reliable hiring platform, it is time to contact Quintela.

How a competency model system helps you find the right employees

What does the classic achiever pattern look like? Many employers and hiring teams miss the key signs because they are using unstructured, unproven interview questions. While, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” may seem like an illuminating inquiry, the fact is that these generic questions rarely identify high performers, especially among those who are particularly adept at impression management.

However, an online digital interview guide can prescribe proven questions you need to determine whether your candidate has the right stuff for your business. Competency model and behavior-based interviewing can identify candidates who:

  • Have achieved progressive levels of responsibility within their organization
  • Achieved specific types of success in previous positions
  • Do not make excuses, but instead execute projects with speed and enthusiasm
  • Are self-motivated and require little direction
  • And deliver high-quality results across projects

Your organization requires “achievers” to succeed. Without the right interview system, though, your company could end up with employees who fail to meet your company goals. With the help of an organized competency model and structured interviewing system, your hiring teams can ask the probing questions that get to the root of a candidate’s personality and skill set. Are you ready for a more advanced look at hiring? Contact Quintela today to get started!

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