Business Manager Supervisor Interview Tool

Is your company ready for a business manager interview tool to help you hire the right management candidates? No matter the size of your business, you need a reliable method for identifying leaders to bring into your organization.

An interview guide system helps you target the candidates with the competencies needed in supervisor or manager roles. Instead of leaving it up to each hiring team member to come up with their own “pet” interview questions when evaluating potential new hires, why not rely on proven behavioral interview tools that are linked to competencies known to be predictive of success in managers or supervisors?

At Quintela, we can deliver a custom behavioral interview guide tool that is easily accessible online for all of your HR or hiring team members. Your hiring managers are not interviewing experts, and very few have the time to craft effective interview questions based on science and research. Take that burden from your hiring teams and place it on Quintela.  Let us show you the benefits of our tech solution for your HR concerns.

Find top talent with our business manager interview tool

The qualities that make a great technical performer are not the same as those required to succeed as a manager. Too often, hiring teams simply seek those with the deepest technical skill set to lead a department, instead of looking deeper to identify the candidate with the right management style.

With our manager and supervisor interview guide system, clients have achieved more efficient and appropriate hiring processes that target the qualities composing a true leader. A great manager demonstrates specific behavioral traits, including:

  • Accountability and responsibility — not making excuses
  • Ability to build relationships
  • Ability to think strategically, solve problems and maximize performance on their teams
  • Commitment to open dialogue and honest feedback
  • And the ability to motivate employees intrinsically, instead of dictating decisions.

A recent study from Harvard Business Review shows that a shocking 82 percent of managers do not display these critical traits. With the help of Quintela’s behavior-based interviewing system, your teams can quickly communicate and more honestly assess your future managers. Let our online business manager interview tool support your business efforts — contact us today to learn more.

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