Behavioral STAR SBO Interview Software

You know that having the right talent can make your company successful, but have you considered how behavioral interview guide software could help your company find the right talent? At Quintela, we offer the technological solutions that bring additional value to your organization’s hiring process.

Our digital interview guide platform allow your HR and hiring teams to quickly assess talent using a best-in-class, STAR interviewing system that helps them identify candidates who will contribute quickly on-the-job. When you are ready for an SBO interview management platform, it is time to consider Quintela’s top-notch software solutions.

How behavioral interview guide software can help your company

At Quintela, we help our clients really “get to know” job candidates before a hiring decision is made. That is why our STAR/SBO interview system is designed to help you get to the root of a candidate’s responses, instead of simply inquiring about superficial answers or experiences. Using a behavioral interviewing system can:

  • Help you get beyond the “canned” or rehearsed answers for a variety of competency areas
  • Determine whether your potential team member has the right temperament for your organization
  • Screen for specific skills and attitudes
  • And better predict your candidate’s potential for success at the company

Many business professionals do not realize that traditional interviewing techniques have nearly no correlation with success or fit on an operational team.

With the help of our behavioral interview guide software, your interviewing teams will have a diverse array of information at their fingertips, allowing them to make the best possible decisions for your firm. Imagine being able to integrate every hiring team member’s perspective, collecting notes and decisions to assist you in making the final call.

Businesses need to move past simply using instinct or gut reactions on candidates, instead relying on real data to make the most important hiring decisions. With the help of Quintela’s proprietary methods, your team can enjoy those benefits and more! Contact us today to get started.

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